The project aims to increase the understanding of the phenomena that take place during the synthesis of zeolites in order to control it and improve the final characteristics of the obtained microporous solids. In particular, we intend to improve their properties as molecular sieves for gas separations as well as for their applications in the removal of pollutants.


PROMETEO Program, dependent on the Conselleria de Innovación, Universidades, Ciencia y Sociedad Digital of the Generalitat Valenciana, aims to promote scientific research, technological development and innovation in groups of excellence in Comunitat Valenciana.

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During the last decades, this research group has been involved in the synthesis and optimization of new zeolite materials, developing new applications in the field of gas adsorption and separation, and in the removal of pollutants. Likewise, the group has been involved in the development or adaptation of new characterization techniques for applied fields, such as adsorption and catalysis. These investigations have had a significant impact on the scientific community and/or have been transferred to chemical and oil refining companies.

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